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Is your soul worth its weight in gold?

Gold—a story of greed, magic, and revenge set in the gold fields of California in 1849. Read this story for free and discover the world of American Alchemy today!

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Ice and Blood
Silver and Bone
American Alchemy - Gold: A Dark Tale of the Old West
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Reveries, Illusions, and Nightmares
Oliver Altair's headshot
Reveries, Illusions, and Nightmares
Who am I?

Oliver Altair is a storyteller that loves the beauty of the bizarre. Highly influenced by gothic horror, classic SF novels, and the stories in the golden era of Pulp magazines, Oliver loves exploring all sorts of uncanny possibilities.

Oliver loves old movies, good pizza, and traveling around the world with his husband.

What's Up Next?
Rust and Tears

Rust and Tears

American Alchemy—Book 3


The alchemical revolution has began...

And sheriff Tiberius Tibbetts is far from happy about it!

When trailing a mysterious industrialist who has been secretly mass-producing magical potions, Tiberius and his new ally John St. Cloud fall into a dangerous web of murder, magic, and menace.

To come out on top, Tiberius not only must deal with the current danger in every corner, but also with the unsolved ghosts of his past.

Will he succeed in stopping the alchemists before they claim their power all across the West...and beyond?